a curious experience ☆ 不思議な体験

It happened around 2010.

I worked in the advertising department of a construction company. At that time, there was an in-house restructuring, and the atmosphere in the workplace was very heavy, so I myself was always looking for ways to deal with physical and mental pain, and I read various books to maintain a balance. Among them, I found a book by Sri Lankan monk Alubomulle Sumanasara and read a considerable number of books fiercely.

One day, when I was looking at the sky from the window of the commuter train door, I suddenly thought, “The sun is giving us various things without asking for anything in return.” ..

The day passed very calmly, and on the way home after work, the moment I greeted a boss, the flesh of my face was pulled up, and then the energy that lifted my whole body occurred, and the front was white. A veil-like light came down and it was so dazzling that I couldn’t see the surroundings. Immediately I saw another colleague, but nothing seemed to happen and I opened the door and went outside. This time, I was walking step by step as if I was floating in the air. Even on the train, I was smiling at the uncle sitting next to me. I left the station and bought some flowers to prepare for her grandfather’s deceased.

I got home and started eating supper. It was a very peaceful atmosphere that was different from usual. My father is watching TV. I wanted to watch another show, but I felt that if I changed channels here, this feeling would disappear. I changed the channel as if I was trying to see if this would continue or end.


Later, I told this story to a person I met when I went to Kudaka Island in Okinawa. Originally it was such a world.

I hope this feeling will continue











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