Episode 1 on the Big Island

In December 2011, I went to the Big Island with a white notebook. I rented a car in my first place and started my trip with a simple map and simple English ability. When I travel while drawing a place that attracts my heart, I can observe and feel the passage of time as people pass by, and I am surrounded by a sense of security, and the scene is in my heart. It will burn.
You can also interact with local people through this note. With a map and information from a book set in Hawaii, I drove my car at will.

⭐︎Coconut Island
A person who is looking at the sea all the time. Looking at the person, he jumped into the sea. looks fun. .. I had eyes. Try? I thought I was saying that. I was afraid to jump into a place where I couldn’t touch my legs, so I turned my eyes away a little. I felt like turning back. I stayed still for a while. Already he was a little far away and was looking at the sea again. Now that you’ve come this far, why don’t you try it? I jumped in. I don’t remember that moment anymore, but he was welcoming me right after I landed. He gave me a comforting expression and some words. After that, I smiled and went to see the sea again and bye-bye.

⭐︎Waipi’o Valley
It seems that the car I was riding in couldn’t get down to the valley, so I was going to look at it from above, but I started walking down a steep slope with sandals to walk down to the point where I could go. It’s pretty tight. I have a pain in my leg. I’ve come from the bottom to maybe a quarter. When I turned around to turn back, a boy who came down with flip-flops asked me if I had climbed from below. The child was dashing down. Some people like that.

⭐︎gas station
When I was consulting with a travel agency to go to the Big Island, the biggest concern was whether I could put in gasoline. I had no smartphone and was hit and miss, but it was finally time. After all I didn’t know how to do it. A large woman came by and told me that she had been fighting for a while. When she realized she was running out of coins, she even tried to offer her money. Is there such a person? I couldn’t pick it up, so she even showed me where I could exchange money, and she stayed with me with a gentle smile until the car left. She treated me like that as a matter of course.






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